Sports Psychology Consulting

Kevin has a proven track record of helping people perform under pressure and develop the skills needed to reach their potential. Individual sport psychology programs are designed to build self- awareness, confidence, resilience and help you to consistently deliver when it matters most.

The area of mindset is often an underutilized area of performance training. These one-to-one sessions allow a space for the performer to build and exercise the key skills needed to perform consistently and when it matters most

Key Areas of Support:

  • Build unshakeable self-belief
  • Express yourself under pressure
  • Deal with Setbacks and Injury
  • Develop stronger Emotional Control
  • Challenge the blocks that hold you back
  • Help to consistently perform to your potential
  • Develop a Performance Evaluation Process.
  • Manage life’s challenges away from your sport.

Depending on the period of your career, Kevin also offers support around balancing sport and work commitments, Life skills to build resilience, Well-being Coaching and dealing with transitions during or after your sports career.